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Fund Your Project

Do you feel like arts funding is not really for you?

Perhaps you find it hard to know where to start?

Have you applied for funding before and been unsuccessful?

Would you like to secure funding to bring your dream project to life and learn new skills and build confidence which you will use again and again in the future?

Over 21 years, I have secured over £2 million to fund my projects and mentored 100s of artists and creative companies to submit successful applications which have enabled them to secure funding to make their ideas happen.

Funding Support Packages

I've created my Funding Support Packages for people like you. I give you the tools and 1-2-1 advice to write successful applications and make that project that you’ve always wanted to do, happen.

I will help you to work out the best fit fund for you ideas.

From there, we'll work out your timeline including application review and feedback and support that ensures your application is the best it can be in the lowest stress way possible.

So, you can write an application that you can feel really proud of!

I specialise in support for Arts Council England funds, but can offer support and advice on a wide range of other funds.


Funding packages are tailored to your unique needs.

I have packages to suit all budgets, starting at single session at £80 to full support packages.

Access Support

If you're applying for funding but need access support (including being dyslexic or dyspraxic), there are a number of ways Arts Council England can help you. Visit their Access Support information page or contact me, I an approved Access Support provider.

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If you’ve got a project that you'd like to fund (or even just the start of an idea), send me an email or book in FREE 20 min chat and we can work out a plan together.

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