Fund Your Project

Work with me to write a top quality Arts Council application and secure £10,000+ to support the next steps on your creative journey

Putting together an Arts Council England application is lonely and exhausting work.

Once you’ve counted to (at least) 10, it's time to working out what it is that the funder wants to know.  When you've done that, you’ve got to find the energy to keep trudging on when you just want to rip up the whole thing and throw it in the bin.

Maybe you’ve submitted a few applications without success and feel that you’ll never get funded. Or, do you feel like you’re just not the sort of artist that the Arts Council funds?

You give yourself a talking to but it's hard to know where to start and understand Arts Council speak. What’s the point if you have to change your idea to tick Arts Council boxes and end up with a project you don’t recognise?

Ok, I can’t just magic a finished application out of thin air for you. What I can do is help you to understand Arts Council jargon so you can work out what the hell it is that they want to know. Work with me and I’ll give you the tools and advice along the way so that you can write an application that gets you funding support and endorsement for what you do.

And, whilst we’re at it, I’ll use skills as a producer and coaching questions to help you to work out exactly what you want, how to say it and where to start!

Sound like what you need? Choose the option that works best for you…